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Servicing and Repairs

Simply call us and we will book in your service or repair and where required will pick up and drop off your scooter or powerchair.

Repairs and maintenence are an essential part of owning mobility equipment.

All mechanical equipment is subject to wear and tear, and regular maintenance and repairs to your equipment is essential to ensure you remain independent, active and mobile.

From mobility scooter repairs and servicing, to powerchairs, stairlifts, bed hoists and much more, we offer a comprehensive service to residents in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Simply call us and we will book in your service or repair and where required will pick up and drop off your scooter or powerchair.

Where you totally rely on your scooter or powerchair for daily movement, we will arrange for a courtesy replacement to assist you whilst we are attending to your equipment.

Whilst we are happy to carry out minor repairs at your home, servicing and major repairs, particularly on scooters and powerchairs, we recommend they should only carried out at our fully equipped workshop.

Our servicing entails a comprehensive process that involves the following:

  • Initial clean and strip down of the equipment.
  • Visual, mechanical and electrical testing of all components for any damage or wear. This includes a full battery test and report.
  • Where possible, motors brushes are removed and checked for wear, and the housing is cleaned to remove carbon build up.
  • All chassis, seating and steering components are tightened and greased.
  • Wheels are all removed, axles cleaned to remove rust, hair and other detritus build up, and bearings are checked for wear.
  • Tyres are cleaned and checked for wear and intrusions where pneumatic tyres are present.
  • All electrical components such as lights, brakes and hooters are checked and replaced repaired where necessary.
  • The client is then advised of any major parts replacements including batteries and chargers, and a final price is agreed before any further work is completed.
  • Once all repairs and maintenance are complete, the unit is reassembled and given a valet clean and polish.
Customers will appreciate that this process is not suited for a home environment and we do not carry out home servicing as we believe it can only be comprehensively and safely done in a full kitted workshop environment.

Our engineers have all been trained by our equipment suppliers on correct maintenance and repair procedures.

For more details and pricing on repairs and servicing call us on 0115 697 6409.

How to find us

Our new showroom is located next to the Co-op within the Bridgeway Centre, Nottingham, NG2 2JD

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