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Why push the wheelchair?

The Ypush is the most amazing wheelchair you have ever seen – you don’t have to push! The all new Ypush is designed to make life fun and easy for carers, or anyone transporting someone in a wheelchair – it takes away the effort of pushing – simply press a button and walk behind.

The Ypush is a real game-changer, packed full of unique features not seen on any other wheelchair.

Designed for Carers

The world’s only Carer-controlled wheelchair that can be pushed manually, BUT with seamless Power available at any time or any speed, without stopping or even changing any settings. This really is a true hybrid wheelchair with no compromise – Push, Power, or a combination of both – the choice is yours! Designed in-house, the revolutionary Brintal ADDS Advanced Dual Drive System uses cutting-edge technology to provide Power Drive and Steering, whilst the Carer simply walks behind, reducing fatigue and injury. The unique Brintal ‘’Hands off’’ Safety Braking and Electronic Anti-tip sets new industry safety standards, ensuring fun, effortless, and stress-free days out! The Ypush is incredibly safe, having passed the most stringent global certification, and fully complies with air and cruise line regulations, giving the Carer and occupant total independence and confidence to make the most out of life. Multiple patent and design registrations are filed covering the many unique features and functions that make the Ypush possible.


Travel with the Ypush

The Ypush is airline and cruise line compatible.

When boarding a plane or cruise ship, staff may ask for information to show how to safely take your Ypush on board.

Download to phone

Scan this QR code using your smartphone to download the Battery Travel Certification document.




Ypush feature icon

Dual drive – manual and powered modes

Seamlessly combine power drive and assist with manual mode – make stranding a thing of the past.



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ADS™ advanced drive system

Brintal’s bespoke ADS™ controller beats at the heart of the Ypush.



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Ultra-torque integral motors

Super efficient high output integrated motors delivering the power to move.



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E-turn power steering

Power-assisted steering makes the Ypush so easy to manoeuvre.



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Fail safe breaking

Twin disk automatic breaking.



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100kg carrying 100 capacity

Robust construction for everyday use.



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Unfold and go in 60 seconds

Rapid assembly and stowage.



Ypush feature icon

Dual anti-tip system

Electronic and mechanical anti-tip systems guard against tipping.



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Airline and cruise line compatible

Take your Ypush with you.



Ypush feature icon

Puncture proof tyres

One less thing to worry about.



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Super-light and ultra-portable.



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Lightweight rapid charge battery

State-of-the-art Lithium battery technology – super light and fast to charge.



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USB charge & power accessories on board

Charge and use your accessories on the move.



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Occupant sensor system

Avoids unintended use.



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Fully tested and compliant

Class 1 medical device compliant.



Ypush feature icon

Swing-away footrests

Improved occupant access.


Ypush Story

It seems incredible that with all the amazing advances in technology, and all the clever gadgets available, that carers are still struggling to push and pull people around in manual wheelchairs. With 70% of people pushing wheelchairs suffering from back problems, it is reminiscent of the 1970s, and the huge struggle to push a heavy petrol engine lawn mower around the garden. An exhausting task and not for the faint-hearted. And then the power-driven mower revolution arrived, and suddenly mowing the lawn became a simple and maybe even an enjoyable task..

It’s difficult enough to push someone in a wheelchair on the flat, but throw in a hill or a few tricky surfaces, and it can be pretty much impossible. This severely limits access and creates barriers to where you can and can’t go.

We realised that the reason you rarely see a wheelchair out and about is actually because it’s just too physically demanding for the carer. If the carer is struggling and the occupant feels like a burden, creating difficulties and anxiety, it’s not going to be a happy day for anyone. Much easier for everyone to stay at home.

We wanted to change this, and create a solution where the carer and the occupant would both really look forward to stress-free days out, spend quality time together and have fun, choosing where they want to go, whether at home or travelling further afield.

To achieve this, the Ypush had to be an integrated product like no other, with seamless power assistance, no extra bolt on bits, no settings to change, be quick to set up and easy to use. Moreover, as a medical product, it would need to be incredibly safe. It took more than 5 years to develop all the unique functions, features, new technology and mechanisms that make it possible.

Using the Ypush, you simply need to walk behind as there is no effort required, enabling everyone to relax and concentrate on having a good time. It can be pushed like a manual wheelchair, but when you need power assistance, the carer simply presses a lever on the right handlebar with their thumb. To turn left or right, simply press a button located under the handle grips. Reverse is also available at the touch of a button.

Much like the power drive mower revolution, what was a difficult and stressful job becomes an easy and enjoyable experience!

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**VAT Relief:

Due to the nature of the product you’re looking to purchase, you may be entitled to VAT Relief (0% VAT). If you or the person you’re buying a product for is ‘chronically sick or disabled’ you may be able to claim a 20% saving from the purchase price.

Please contact us for details and we will gladly assist you with your VAT Relief application.