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Troja Forearm Walker 2

FROM: £579.00

Ideally suited to those with limited grip strength, this stylish Troja Forearm Rollator has two soft, comfortable forearm troughs that take the majority of the user’s weight instead of it being carried by the hands and wrists.

Two handles extend out in front and each has an easy to operate lever brake that controls the rollator’s speed and keeps it safely in position when stationary. With a suggested minimum user height of 1500mm (4″ 11″), and a suggested maximum user height of 1850mm (6″ 1″), the rollator can be used by a wide range of users. The rollator has height adjustable handles that are very easily adjusted to suit the individual needs of the user.

Topro rollators feature a built in memory function that always remembers the user’s set handle height. Push down the handles during transport or storage when you open the rollator up again and pull up on the handles they will automatically stop exactly at your set height!

With its large 200mm (8″) diameter wheels and its lightweight nature, the Troja Forearm Rollator is incredibly easy for the user to control and manoeuvre. Using only one hand, and with only a few simple movements, the Troja Forearm Rollator can be folded up, ready for storage or transportation. The user simply pulls lightly on the grey strap located in the centre of the seat and the rollator will literally appear to just fold up in their hands. Once in the folded position the Troja Forearm Rollator takes up very little space, but will remain stood up-right securely and safely on all four wheels, ideal for small rooms or storage behind a door, the compact size also makes it suitable for popping in the boot of a car.

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Due to the nature of the product you’re looking to purchase, you may be entitled to VAT Relief (0% VAT). If you or the person you’re buying a product for is ‘chronically sick or disabled’ you may be able to claim a 20% saving from the purchase price.

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